Carbon Canyon Regional Park

About the lake.

Carbon Canyon is a small, shallow lake but it does hold some nice fish. Carp average around 5-7 pounds and there are some largemouth bass also that reach pretty good size. The lake is stocked once a year in January with 600 pounds of channel catfish by the DFG. That is the only stocking this lake receives so there is less fishing pressure than most area park lakes. Lake can be very weedy in the warmer months so try and find an open area to fish and the carp should be there.

Directions to Carbon Canyon Regional Park
Carbon Canyon Regional Park consists of 124 acres. Sixty are developed and of the remaining acreage, a ten acre grove of Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) has been established. Throughout the developed park are Pepper trees, Sycamores, Eucalyptus and Pines.
Carbon Canyon Regional Park
4442 Carbon Canyon Road
Brea, CA 92823
(714)973-3160 or (714)973-3162

Species of fish

channel catfish,bluegill,largemouth bass,crappie,carp.