Peck Road Park, Arcadia, CA

About the lake.

Peck Road Park lake is a large and deep body of water with two separate sides separated by a narrow channel. We have had luck on both sides of this lake and especially near the channel where the two sides come together. The average size of the carp in this lake is over 10 pounds and the largest we know of was a huge fish weighing over 38 pounds. Many stickups and snags in this lake to watch out for so heavier tackle will make it easier to land the bigger fish even though it may mean less bites. This lake is also stocked by the DFG with rainbow trout and catfish.

Directions to Peck Road
Peck Road Park is located at 5401 Peck Road, south of Live Oak in Arcadia. The entrance to the parking lot is usually open by 7:30 am, but you can park on the street and walk in earlier than that.

Species of fish

Rainbow Trout(Summer,Spring),Largemouth Bass,Channel Catfish,Bluegill,Carp